CoolLoop® is simple

CoolLoop® is simple
The CoolLoop® catheter is a true single shot device, allowing the electrophysiologist to perform endocardial ablation in a simple manner. By positioning the device around all four pulmonary veins (PV) and rotating the catheter once at every PV, pulmonary vein isolation combined with wide area catheter ablation (WACA) can be achieved. All handling steps required to introduce the catheter into the atrium are common to classical catheter ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation.
First clinical data confirm the feasibility of the procedure.

CoolLoop® is safe
It has been extensively shown in the literature that cryoenergy provides a safer alternative to radiofrequency when used to induce endocardial ablation lesions. Especially in terms of thromboembolic events cryoenergy provides very favourable outcomes in animal models (5,6 fold lower risk of thrombus formation compared to RF).
Data from the literature suggest that patients undergoing catheter ablation using croyenergy benefit from slightly reduced numbers of complications (less pulmonary vein stenosis, less esophageal fistulae and a lower incidence of stroke).
All these data, together with data obtained by AFreeze in preclinical evaluation, are evidence that using cryoenergy for catheter ablation is safe and well tolerated by the patient.
First clinical data confirm the safety of the device.

CoolLoop® provides better options
The CoolLoop® system uses cryoenergy to induce long, circular lesions around the pulmonary veins. These lesions overlap at the posterior wall of the left atrium, resulting in complete electrical isolation of the posterior wall and the pulmonary vein orifices from the rest of the atrium comparable to the surgical Maze Procedure. Thus, wide area catheter ablation combined with pulmonary vein isolation is achieved. Ideally, the creation of box-like lesions is achieved, depending on the individual patient's anatomy.

Tip Catheter: Funded by a K-Regio project of the Standortagentur Tirol and the European Regional Development Fund, AFreeze together with partners from Universities and regional corporate partners is currently developing a cryo-tip catheter. The catheter is designed as a classical tip catheter, thus allowing punctual ablation of ectopic foci or ablation in areas where long lesions are not achievable.