The coolloop® cryoablation catheter – our flagship product.


The coolloop® cryoablation catheter is our flagship product, designed to make novel cryoablation technique available to physicians in order to achieve the optimal treatment of atrial fibrillation patients. The coolloop® cryoablation system provides a safe, minimally invasive, and efficient way to combat atrial fibrillation. This device makes it possible to create wide circular lesions around the pulmonary veins while at the same time minimizing the area of damage to healthy heart tissue.

The main components of the system are

coolloop® cryoablation catheter


Destino Twist Unidirectional Sheath

Rodeo Micro Mapping Catheter

The key advantages include:

  • Ultrafast cooling within < 5 sec.
  • Ultrafast thawing
  • Temperatures as low as –85°C with a proven safety profile
  • Wide antral isolation of the pulmonary veins
  • Well-demarcated, focused lesions with minimized destruction of healthy tissue
See coolloop® in motion

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